In the never-ending quest for better sound, inventors, scientists and engineers have consistently ignored the most important, most sophisticated processor in the entire capture/playback chain:


Introducing FiDef audio processing — the only technology that activates the brain to restore what today's recording and playback technology takes away.


After years of development, FideliQuest is proud to introduce…

FiDef Audio Processing


Seeking to understand why some recordings sound better than others, we spent countless hours analyzing thousands of audio recordings to discover the hidden qualities of sound that truly engage the listener. These elements of sound, through an exhaustive process of elimination, gave us the insights required to Isolate the innate qualities of our human hearing system.

By incorporating these insights into a revolutionary audio processing algorithm, our patent-pending FiDef application synthesizes these essential stimuli from the material itself, inserting that dynamic information into the content.

Supported by sophisticated research into how the human brain processes sound, FiDef audio processing increases definition and detail as well as soundstage width and depth. Most important, by informing the human auditory system of the music's full potential, it significantly increases the emotional engagement of the listener.

And the best part? The carrier or delivery method is irrelevant. FiDef processing works seamlessly with any technology. Any file format of any size or data type, compressed or not. At any stage of the process, from recording through mixing, mastering or playback.



FiDef processing is adjustable. The algorithms can be varied to zone in on specific elements for best effect in the intended application. FiDef processing can also be applied selectively to make certain content stand out from the rest of the recording, such as a voice or product name in a commercial, or a sound effect in a movie.


Unlike any other audio processing technology, FiDef technology can be applied at any stage of recording, mixing, streaming or listening. Because the enhancement is applied to the content, FiDef is compatible with any existing or future system.


It does not alter the format of a sound file. So, FiDef processing can enhance files in FLAC, ALAC, MP3, WAV, MP4, AAC, AIFF, Dolby, MQA or any other standard format, and can be played by standard media players and apps without any modification to the player or app -- or to any other part of the distribution chain.


A bulk catalog can be processed very quickly with a small group of servers. A live stream can be processed by a media player as the sound is played. A phone can stream your music without bogging down.


Whenever and wherever sound is electronically reproduced, FiDef technology can improve it. No matter the quality of the delivery system, FiDef will improve it. In fact, it may provide the greatest impact on lower end gear, making it sound far better than you’d ever expect.



— Multi-Grammy award-winning producer Gary Katz