Audio Engineering with FiDef.

Make your tracks come alive.  Without resorting to additional EQ or de–essing, FiDef excels at decongesting a crowded, mushy mix to perceptually provide a pocket for each instrument. FiDef also shines for sweetening as well, adding roundness and excitement without crushing the dynamics out of a performance. Dark instruments or vocals are aurally brightened, without reaching for crispy distortion, decimation or noise–revealing high-frequency shelving.

FiDef isn’t just for a single genre. Whether it’s a close–mic’d mix or an acoustical performance with a Decca Tree, FiDef improves how the listener experiences the recording. With a deeper, more detailed soundstage, FiDef helps your brain to create a better sense of place.

Streaming Services with FiDef.

Grab your audience by the ears.  FiDef processing makes your content sound more open, and easier to listen to – regardless of the listening device!  This delivers a dramatic improvement to your listeners through audible increases in clarity, definition, and engagement.

In a world where hearing impairments are increasingly common, listeners will appreciate the improved intelligibility that FiDef provides.  Loudness watchdogs will also find solace in FiDef, since processed files perceptually sound slightly “louder” while actually measuring slightly lower. Looking to the bottom line, your CDNs will find no change in data rate or file size, so no additional expenditures are needed for delivery to the home. Plus FiDef survives aggressive lossy coding.

Broadcasting with FiDef.

Keep your viewers tuned in.  Bypassing our conscious mind allows FiDef to work its magic directly on your listeners, drawing them into a deeper, more engaging experience.  Traditional broadcasters are in transition. OTT, streaming and podcasting are competing for the eyes and ears of your audience. Any poet can tell you that sound without a picture tells a story, but picture without compelling sound is a non–starter.

With FiDef, beds can be more than simple music elements.  A separately processed bed and announce will allow listeners to aurally differentiate the talk from the music, resulting in better intelligibility. TV also benefits when stereo M&E is processed separately from mono dialog. The result is a layered, more defined musical soundstage with effects that really stand out and away from speech elements.

Mastering with FiDef.

Make your product stand out from the rest.  With FiDef in your mastering tookit, a crowded, mushy mix can be decongested to perceptually provide a pocket for each instrument.  Engineers can process entire tracks, balance individual FiDef processing for each element to create a compelling, cohesive whole.  FiDef excels at sweetening a lackluster track, adding roundness and excitement. Harsh recordings that suffer from less than optimal tracking can be sonically smoothed without relying solely on traditional EQ or de–essing, while dull or dark mixes can be brightened up a touch, without resorting to crunchy “exciter” distortion or noise–revealing high end lift.

Mastering engineers often are asked to reissue back catalog or bring archival material up to modern standards. FiDef is perfect for remastering work, reengaging listeners with material that was once familiar and is new again. With FiDef, live performances will truly feel alive.