FireWav uses new audio science and patented audio algorithms to restore digitally produced and electronically delivered game audio to realistic “live-like” quality, without the use of external DACs or expensive equipment.  The result is the ability to hear and distinguish every sound, improved location detection, dramatically enhanced dialog intelligibility, and increased player focus & endurance.  FireWav is designed for the ears of gamers to hear more.  This means gamers will:



    • Hyper Audio clarity to hear and distinguish every sound 
    • Heightened Dialog intelligibility, improved definition & detail for sharpness, immediacy and understanding
    • Soundstage Width and Depth for more expansive audio, improved location detection and heightened perception


    • Enhanced Musical Balance enhances both in-game and out-of-game audio experiences
    • Totally Immersive experience improves the best video
    • Dramatically Reduced Listener Fatigue with enhanced emotional experience restore the goosebumps and tingles – improves engagement, enjoyment & endurance


The combination of these attributes results in blazing response times for gamers who want the microsecond advantage.

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