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Why Fidef my Sound?

The convenience of the music sharing platforms available today has stripped away the full depth of your sound. Protect your sound by FiDef’ing your music before you post it.

Your True Potential Realized

When it comes to getting discovered and growing your fan base — Every. Nuance. Counts. FiDef guarantees you’ll sound your best when it matters most.

“Like-Live” Sensation

Music should be real and emotional whether listened to live or through headphones. FiDef’s algorithms capture your live sound so your fans can fully experience it.

Retention of Sound & Detail

What makes your music uniquely yours is all the details, from the lyrics and tone to the melodies and instruments. FiDef’s algorithms relieve listening fatigue to preserve your whole performance.

“In the age of lo-def, it brings a better quality to music.”

– Elliot Scheiner (Beyoncé, Eagles, Foo Fighters)

Your Music. The way you intended.

We’ll need the email address where you’d like the FiDef-processed files and invoice to be sent.